Trimangle, A living and breathing collaboration between veteran producer FSTZ and turntablist / rhythm designer, Mythik. This four track EP is a futuristic journey through modern electronic dance music. Cerebral, dark and heavy, every tune is power-packed with hard hitting rhythms designed for the dance floor of your mind.… Read More

Austin Texas’ Chango delivers two 130 BPM dance floor gems on the latest RogueDubs release. House-inspired and heavy, these tunes will keep the crowd hot. Check out dfCTV and makeME below:… Read More

Next from RogueDubs is a trio of tunes from L Nix and Uncle Jesse. Switchback – a heady dance floor killer certain to make the club go off. Some Dark Shit is a mellow sinister tune that harkens back to the early days of dubstep. The L Nix remix of Switchback is a darker, rolling… Read More